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the red flashing lights and tall towers of tokyo: ropponghi hills

two nights last week were spent gazing out over a night time tokyo from the vertiginous heights of ropponghi hills - a high-end, ultra modern compound in the heart of tokyo that’s modelled itself on LA, and aims its fire at rich tourists. the mori tower houses an art gallery on its 53rd floor, as well as a viewing gallery to gaze at the city. it’s quite a remarkable experience weaving your way through the exhibits and occasionally turning a corner to be confronted by a wall of glass and the flashing red warning lights pulsing on the roofs of tokyo’s high rise buildings. i’ve never seen anything like it. however, although it is slightly more squat than the mori tower, i much preferred the view from tokyo tower itself. 

tokyo tower ropponghi hills mori tower skyscrapers Japan
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